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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A very nice day

When I first moved to Oregon, the locals told me that you can always know what the weather will be like today. "Just look to Mount Hood, " They said. "If you can see mount hood, it is going to rain today." "It you can't see mount hood, it means it is already raining."

There is also a question asked, "What are two rainy days in a row in Oregon?" The answer is "a Weekend."

It is odd, I suppose, that I would tell rain stories on a day that is absolutely beautiful. It is warm and not much wind with puffy clouds and great visibility. I can see mount St. Helens which is about 85 miles away. Mount hood is closer but trees and houses prevent me from seeing it.

A few years ago, I carved a little cowboy. I carved the head separately so I could turn the head in various directions. Eventually, the head got lost. My little grand daughter who is 5 years old found the body and she said she did not like to see a body without a head. I tend to agree with her, so I think I will carve a head today.

God Bless you all

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