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Monday, February 14, 2011

old house - new house

So I haven’t been on for a while. Not that nothing is happening in my life.

We have decided to move to a house on one level. We have lived in this house for 35 years and it is a great house but time for us to move on. We started out by looking at some houses that are for sale around. Finally, we created a list of 23 things we wanted in a new house or that we definitely didn’t want in a new house. We prayed over the list.

We went out and found a house that had 23 out of 23. It was quite a conviction.

We planned on putting our current house on the market the first of March. After we found a house we wanted and had made an offer on it, we decided to hurry up and get our house ready. No one including ourselves believed we could do it.

If you would like to see, look at:

What happened to our offer on the new house? What indeed. It seems the house is being sold as a short sale. The amount the house is on the market for is less than the amount owed to the bank. Not exactly, our problem but it means that a bank has to have a say in accepting our offer.

It’s been 5 weeks since we made the offer. We wait and pray but we still have some things to do on this house so we are not idle.

Ideally, we would like these two transactions to occur at the same time. Sell our house and get possession of the new one within a week or two of each other.

Keep us in your prayers.