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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The missing month

We have a granddaughter that comes to visit us for a couple of weeks at a time and is gone a couple of weeks at a time.

She is a lovely young lady who is 5 years old going on 25. She likes to go to the park, watch television and play games. We miss her when she is gone and sometimes overwhelmed when she is with us. I am sure her father feels the same way.

She was born on September 11th. That was a sad day since 2001 but is has been a happy date since this little girl was born.

I really should not single out this one grandchild because we have 5 grandchildren and one great grandchild and we love them all.

Lots of love……

Wedding Plans

Our youngest daughter is getting married.

Being the father of the bride is not a very involved process. Usually it means keeping my mouth shut and my check book open.

I have been given some tasks to perform that I know how to do so I am grateful. Sometimes I forget and make some suggestions but I really should know better.

We are happy for the young couple and like them both so we hope we never become an in-law problem.

God help us in the coming months…..

Its been a while

My oldest daughter left on a journey yesterday. She has done this before and survived. She is following the call of the Lord. Not the secure kind of joining a convent somewhere but a road trip to where ever the Lord prompts her.

We miss her.

She stayed with us for several months and shared with us her trials of a job that challenged her patience and her faith. She and we prayed a lot that it would get better but it never did.

She has a blog so we can follow her each day. Hopefully, she will be more faithful than I have been in keeping my blog current.

Sunday we heard from our grandson. He was calling from a hospital. He had totaled his motorcycle on a road in Montana. The Lord saw fit to have him wearing his helmet and his leathers. He has several stitches but no broken bones. I believe that the totaled bike may be God’s way of saying “Stay Off of it!!”