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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the Road Again

Tomorrow, at the early crack of dawn, or before, my bride, my oldest daughter and I will head out for Wyoming. We plan on going to Greybull, Wyoming to help my in-laws celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. Both will be 92 this year. You almost have to be that old to cram seventy years of marriage into a life time. My father lived to be 93 and his mother lived to be 103 so we may some good genes. I am not sure my money will last that long.

My wife said she needs at least another day to get ready. I will try to help her. I haven't started to panic but I am accustomed to not bringing some things I planned on. I do note that if I forget to take my CPAP breathing equipment, we WILL be coming back to get it.

I put is on my check list.

Now if I can only remember to check the check list before I leave.

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