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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fire Cracker

A year ago we went up to see our great grandson and his mother for the 4th of July. They live in Bremerton and the husband and Papa joins them when he is not out to sea playing Navy. The great grandson was only a year and a half old but he really liked the fireworks up near their home. In Oregon, the is a bunch of sparkle sounds interupted by big booms. In Oregon, everyone is in the act and there is no let up from late afternoon until after midnight.

We had a tame 4th and went out at dusk with the little grand daughter and fired off the box of "Oregon" fireworks. "Oregon" means that you could almost hold them under your tongue while you light it. It is heavy on smoke and quiet as a whisper. I am sure some of my neighbors went across a bridge to get some of their fireworks.

There are big fireworks near Portland and Vancouver, WA that can be seen from our house forty miles away. No sound, just color. The best was on the television which went on and on and on and had music in the background.

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