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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prayers for the missing boy

Portland people are anxious about the little second grader that has been missing for few days. I am praying that this story will end soon with a happy ending. We watch the television and hear on the spot news coverage and are frustrated that all that they tell us has been reported before.

Thirty some years ago, a seven year old boy, the only son of single mother went missing. We prayed then as we do now. At that time, the Lord chose to bring him home instead of returning him to his mother and his body was found about seven days after he went missing. They found the guy who killed him and he was sent to jail.

About a month after the news of his death, my daughter received a letter from the mother of the boy. She thanked her for the nice letter she had sent and mentioned that in all of Portland, my daughter was the only one who sent her a letter offering comfort to her. I asked the little 11 year old daughter how she knew how to get a letter to her. She said that her address was in the paper.

Try on the hat of the parents of the little missing boy and continue in your prayers for his safe return.

God Bless

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