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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No news is no news

So my much awaited doctor appointment came. I felt that I was worse off than I had been but the doctor said he felt that I was stronger than when I saw him last. He ordered another CK blood test. He called me back in the afternoon as he was departing for a week vacation and told me the CK was about 4000. I suspect that is not good. He was going to arrange for me to see another doctor who would schedule a biopsy. This biopsy is above my legs and the muscles that pull up my legs or in my case don't pull up my legs. So far I haven't heard from them. My primary care Physician office called to tell me the results that I already got from the specialist. Since they were anxious to do something for me, I suggested that they extend the referal so I could go back to see the specialist when he returns from his vacation. I am happy with my PCP and the specialist but it is taking a lot of time to get to closure.

God Bless......

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