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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The good news

I have been away for a while. On December third of 2010, I had a muscle biopsy to find out finally what was wrong with me. At that time, they said that the material they took from my leg would be sent to a lab to find out what they could. They said it would take 6 weeks for the results.

Yesterday I went in to have the stitches removed.

To the surprise of the doctor and me, the results of the biopsy were back.

Comment: The features of denervation atrophy in this biopsy are angular, atrophic fibers of both fiber types, some of which have granular NSE staining. There are also scattered necrotic fibers, bigers undergoing phagocytosis, regenerating fibers, and mildly increased numbers of internal nuclei. No inflammation is identified. these myopathic features are consistant with a toxic myopathy, and in the context of his clinical history are consistant with a statin-induced myopathy.

In other words, my loss of muscle strength is probably related to taking a statin which I have been taking for Cholestoral.

I have stopped that medication. I am taking fish oil which will help some.

Now I may be able to build up my strength with exercise.

I am not great at regular exercise but hope to do some serious attempts at it.

Thanks for your prayers and I will keep in touch.

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